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#RPGaDay 2016

Discussion in '"Real life" and everything that goes with it.' started by Lunchmoney, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

  2. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Day 1 - I like dice. I like the feel of many polyhedrons rolling around my hand. Real dice, please.

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  3. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Day 2 - Best game session since August 2015.
    My Pathfinder character death

    I was playing a drow gunslinger, named Zabeel Mai'tor. I really enjoyed the character I had created, with his odd mannerisms and behaviors (especially around strangers...).

    In an epic fight vs a baalor, in an effort to save my friends, I charged the demon, leapt and somersaulted up its fiery body and rammed an incredibly powerful, magically enhanced, alchemical bomb down its throat. The resulting blast mortally wounded the baalor and also detonated all the gunpowder and the very unstable alchemical substances held in bandoliers all over my body. The chain reaction vapourised the demon and me. The only part that survived was my hat and my, very magically and possibly alive, twin guns (who names I cant recall right now and my DM has my character sheet).

    The party tried to resurrect me but I refused. I declared (and my DM allow) that my soul had gone into my twin guns and my only wish was to return home and be laid to rest on the wall of the forge where I created the guns.
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  4. Tempest

    Tempest Captain of Vice Staff Member

    One of the gun's names means 'Reason', because you have that joke about listening to Reason.
  5. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Reason and Malice, but I cant recall the Drow words for same.
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  6. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    I've just been reminded,
    Sanrr "Reason"
    and Vilrath "Malice"
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  7. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Day 3 - Character Moment you are proudest of

    Recently? It has to be Zabeel's death again. The act saved the rest of the party. We may have been able to take down one baalor but more were incoming. With out his sacrifice we may have suffered a total party kill.
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  8. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Day 4 - Most impressive thing another's character did?

    Oh, that ones a little harder....
    I'm going to take a recent moment from a Deadlands game I am running.
    I have impressed upon the party to dire pressing need for food. They are always hungry, food is scarce and when it is available it rots quickly.
    On top of feeding themselves two of the party had a horse and a mule.
    The player with the mule quickly took the hint that trying to feed the mule, as well as himself, was going to be hard going. He sold said mule for a profit! Fresh meat, after all....

    The horse owner.....
    He made a point of never leaving his horse alone (after I had a street gang try to steal it, for lunch). Whilst the rest of the party were meeting with a quest giver some henchmen went to fetch the horse owner. He was so adamant he wasn't going to leave his horse it nearly led to a duel - which he would have lost as the henchman he was staring down was much harder than him and there was 2 more of them.

    The act was impressive but not in the way people usually think... ;)
  9. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Day 5 - What story does you group tell about your character?

    This one is easy as we were talking about character last night :)

    My pathfinder character, Alexis. He started of as a blank slate. I chose the class Oracle as something different, chose my mysteries and powers, and added a vow of poverty. And chose to play true neutral. Though our DM was not too worried about alignment I like to use it.

    Our adventures begin and we have need of information from a bandit. I'm left alone with this miscreant and go to work on him. I'm pretty sure I did a lot of morally questionable things to the man, but the two that stand out to the group was when I cut out his tongue, reinserted backwards and healed it in place, and the use of a horse.
    I didn't use the horse in any other way than to put it in the room and then proceeded to clockwork orange him, giving the poor man a terror of horses. I go the info we needed.

    The terror didn't last long as we then executed the man and his fellow bandits.

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