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Mummy Dolphins on tour in ARBBL

Discussion in 'Archived Match Reports, Team Tales and the History' started by Lunchmoney, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Due to not much happening in the Exiles League I have taken the Mummy c Dolphins to ARBBL.

    The Mummy Dolphins, long time veterans of the Exiles League, are now On Tour.
    They have stripped their winning team back to it's bare bones and have travelled to remote league of ARBBL.
    Will they repeat their performance? Time will tell and, as an Undead team, they have plenty of time.
    Camera footage supplied by Bare Bones Cabalvision, proud sponsors of the Mummy Dolphins in ARBBL
  2. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    The first match for the Dolphins was against the Jlaxonkill Jaguars, an Amazon team also not native to the ARBBL.

    The match went very well for the Dolphins and the even persauded Tatiana Alualu, an Amazon linewoman, to join their team.

    Final score was 2-0 & 4-0. More details to follow.
  3. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    The first match for the Mummy Dolphins see them playing the other team that is not native to the ARBBL, the Jlaxonkill Jaguars, an Amazon coached by the respected Waddywoos.

    A team of players that are capable of running rings around most other teams the Dolphins were not exactly looking forward to this match up.

    21 fans came to watch the match, more supporting the Jaguars and hostile to the Dolphins.

    As they lined up and the captains moved to the centre to do the coin toss, the heavens opened and flooded the pitch. Very soon the grass was no longer visible and they appeared to be playing Water Bowl.

    The Jaguars won the toss and elected to kick the first half. They sent the ball flying towards the back field and in the ensuing rush to get back to recover it, most of the Dolphins failed to live up their name and slipped in the rain and fell on the faces. The Warrior Women of the Jaguars were obviously more used to the wet conditions and used the distraction to good effect and swarmed passed the line of Undead and were nearly on the ball before the Ghoul Pack recovered their wits and got to their feet.

    Both teams raced for the ball, pushing each other around in the wet, but it was the Dolphin Ghoul Pack who got the ball first, scooping it up with ease. Unfortunately most of the Jaguar team were now between them and the safety net that is the Mummies and Wights. Mrs Lovett, lead Ghoul, saw her chance and scurried around the line of Amazonians and threw the ball to the waiting hands Wilde.

    Wilde quickly ordered the Mummies and Skeletons to surround him, but they weren't quick enough and one of the Jaguars swiftly knocked Wilde down and sent the ball flying into the watery muck again.

    Mumm-ra took offence to this delivered a blow to the offending Jaguar, Storm Johnson, that sent her off to the restroom for the rest of the match, thinking herself lucky once see saw the others start to be stretchered in.

    Both teams surrounded where they thought the ball was and brawl ensued, both teams getting pushed around but the Jaguars suffering from losing players.

    Undaunted they kept pushing the Dolphins and kept knocking the ball loose. Pippa Posluzny left herself open on the side line and Wilde and Shelley were able to push her into the waiting hands of the few Dolphin fans who carried her off and out of the stadium. (She didn't make it back in time to keep playing and the rumour is she has been stolen away to be used in a ritual. Will she make it back for the Jaguars next match?)

    The ball was eventually bounced into the waiting hands of Average Joe, who shambled forward and handed to the ball to Shelley who ran into the endzone to score with moments to spare.

    The teams lined up and knowing they only had seconds to do anything before the half time whistle went the Jaguars put on a display of passing prowess as the half ended, 1-0 to the Dolphins.

    The half time pep talks really helped the Jaguars and they came out of the dugout, rallied with new game plans, even though they were a few players down. The Dolphins just stood there is stoney silence.

    This new game plan involved knocking down the Undead Line of Scrimmage and moving to create a pocket just behind their own line to protect the ball. However this failed when Britney Bortles failed to pick up the ball, which was still swimming in the flooded pitch.

    The Dolphins took the opportunity to surround and push the Jaguars into a small box, but the Amazons pushed back to clear some room. However neither side could lay a hand on the ball that was floating around the place.

    In the fight to claim the ball Shelley was able to grab Kayleigh Fortt and sent her to the dugout with a, possibly illegal, tackle. At about the same time Mumm-ra delivered a low blow to Juliette Lotulelei, breaking her leg and possibly ending her career before it has really started.
    Undaunted by the blood slowly colouring the swimming ball, Alicia Hurns finally got her hands on it and ran.

    As Alicia Hurns fled the melee, the rest of her team tried to disengage from the fight and support her, but they could not get away and the Ghoul Pack were very quick to chase her down send her, and the ball, flying.

    Hindley picked up the ball and the Undead quickly surrounded her and they marched back up field. The few remaining Amazons tried valiantly to stop them, they were too few and the Undead too many. Tatiana Alualu even gave her life trying to stop the unstoppable march of the Dolphins and the Undead coach was quick to claim the body and keep her playing.

    The result was inevitable, with Hindley hopping over the line just a second before the final whistle blew, ending the opening match 2-0.
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  4. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Round 2 of the ARBBL League pitted the Mummy Dolphins against another unknown coach, Hazelnutsoup, and his relatively new Wood Elf team, Copsy Glen.

    The Elves arrived at the Undead stadium with an extra supply Bloodwiser and a handsome wench to serve the brew between drives.

    Once again BareBone Cabalvision were broadcasting the match, exclusively, and the home side fans showed up in force - nearly outnumbering the visitors 2 to 1.

    As the skies cleared the teams lined up and the Elves kicked, almost into the waiting hands of Mrs Lovett. As she was waiting for the ball to come to a rest the Mummies and Wights on the Line of Scrimmage tried to push the Elves back and Bad Ash was caught putting an early boot into the groin of one the Elves.

    The Wardancers and lone Elf Catcher swarmed passed the Undead line and into the jaws of the Ghoul Pack, putting early pressure on the ball. But a handy trip by Pegleg sent one of the pesky Lineelves flying into the dugout and the Ghouls were given the time they needed to get the ball and form into a traditional cage, just behind the line of scrimmage.

    Juriel, of the Glen, decided a one elf, showboating, attack into the heart of the Undead cage was the way to go. He skills were as flashy as he thought and he landed at the feet of Stumpy who promptly jumped on Juriel and broke his hair - sending the vain Wardancer running for his stylist. We wont see him again this match.

    The Undead pushed forward, with the Elves doing their best to get in the way. The legendary agility of the Elvish race was to be truly tested, but they failed to account for the way the Dolphin's Skeletons always seemed to be in the way and several Elves fell to the floor and had to be dragged from the pitch, lest their fans notice their failings.

    As the Dolphins neared the Endzone more Elves fell and more Elves disappeared under a cloud of stomping Undead feat. The Glen's remaining Wardancer, Sapaneth, attempted to show Juriel how to leap into the cage and set the ball free. But he too failed and soon fell to the might of the Undead punches and kicks. As the clock neared half time, Mrs Lovett ran the ball over the line to score.

    The teams lined up, knowing they had only a few seconds before the half time whistle would go and the Copsy Glen intended to show off some ball handling skills. Not to be out done, the Mummy Dolphins gave their fans a show of their own and as the ball was kicked high, Justafari was kicked low by Ankh-te-pot and was never seen again.

    1-0 at halftime.

    The depleted Glen lined up to receive a deep kick and Dolphins swam down the field before the ball was even over the half way line. The Elves were again caught off guard and one of the Lineelves was sent flying into the crowd.

    Danareth got his hands on the ball and retreated into the backfield, under pressure by the Ghoul Pack and really feeling the lack of defenders between him and the Undead.

    The rest of the Elf team break pass the Undead line and get ready to receive a long pass from their dedicated thrower. At this point the Dolphins see the plan of the Elves as surely as if they were their opponents play book. The Amazon Zombie, Tatiana Alualu, was spotted by the ref jumping up and down on an Elf and the rest of the Elvish team seemed to be stunned by this constant foul play and stood completely still while the Ghouls and Wilde surged towards Danareth before he could let go of the ball.

    By the time he had recovered his wits enough to think about throwing the ball, Danareth had no team mates to throw it to. Whilst he stood there, aghast at what was happening at the other end of the field, Hindley took the ball from his hands and stepped into the Endzone to score another Touchdown.

    A few Elves manage to recover, with the aid of the Bloodwiser, and they were able to field 8 players to face the full strength Dolphins.
    The Glen went for the same plan again, only this time the Undead left the Thrower alone and chased after Elean who was the only one able to receive a pass and receive a pass he did! Despite the best efforts of the entire Dolphin team to get in the way the Elvish Catcher finally showed the fans what Elves can do as he skipped passed several Ghouls, Wights and Skeletons to score a token touchdown near the end of the match.

    2-1 to the Undead after the Elves showed everyone how to fall over a lot.
  5. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    The weather was good for the Dolphins' visit to the Banditz and plenty of fans showed up to watch. So many fans, in fact, that they spilled from the bleachers and invaded the pitch - taking down several of the orc players before the ball had a chance to land.

    The Ghoul Pack were so distracted by the invading fans they managed to fumble the several times, allowing most of the Banditz time to get around the line of Mummies and Zombies.

    Mrs Lovett finally got her hands on the ball, after much shouting from the coaches, and ran into the pocket formed by the Mummies and Wights. However she wasn't quite quick enough and a pesky Bandit managed to trip her up and send the ball flying loose once again.

    By this time most of the Banditz had the Dolphins surrounded but the Dolphins pushed back. It wasn't enough and the Orcs displayed some elf like talents and swooped in to steal the ball. They couldn't keep their hands on either!

    The game descended into a fight club with both sides losing players and neither side being able to pick up the ball, when, thankfully, the half time whistle blew.

    Both teams retreated to their dugouts to take stock and it was then revealed the Dolphins had been playing with 10 men! When the Banditz coach realised this, and then noticed the entire Dolphin line up had recovered and still half of his team were out, his face fell.

    His despondence must have rubbed off onto his team during the half time pep talk; when the Dolphins kicked off the second half they caught the Orcs completely flat footed with a short kick and rush. Before the Banditz had even moved the Ghoul Pack were all over the ball, with Stumpy the skeleton actually getting his boney hands on it!

    Stumpy and 2 of the Ghouls made a break for it but the elf Orc kept pace and took the ball from Stumpy, but wasn't able to retrieve it himself. He left that for the team thrower, who made a valiant attempt to get the ball over the half way line and into the waiting hands of the Banditz Blitzers.

    His aim was true but the orc at the other end dropped the catch and the bouncing ball ends in the hands of Mumm-Ra!

    Sensing an opportunity for glory, Mumm-ra started to slowly shamble down the pitch. But his advance was halted and he had to give the ball to Ging-Gang the ghoul who sprinted in to score the only touchdown of the match.
  6. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    A little late, compared to when the match was played, but here's the report.

    The Mummy Dolphins once again travelled to the far reaches of ARBBL to play the Goliaths; a Chaos Pact team suffering from early season injury.

    The sun shone brightly on a large crowd of fans and the Dolphins won the toss and elected to receive the first kick.

    The Dolphins had read the Goliaths offence perfectly and the mummies crushed their line of scrimmage and started removing players immediately and the same time Mrs Lovett carried the ball into the safety of the Mummy and Wight cage.

    The Goliaths pack of big guys roared their defiance, but that was all that happened - a lot of noise and spit but no real action. The Dolphins, in undead silence, pushed back and He Dense, the Goliaths already injured Ogre, was knocked down right at the feet of Pegleg who took the opportunity to give him a swift kick and broke a rib on the big Ogre.

    He Crazy, the Minotaur, took umbrage and bull-rushed into the middle of the Dolphins' cage but he couldn't stop the Ghoul pack from breaking free and charging for the endzone.

    The Goliaths stalwart linemen did what the big guy couldn't and knocked Mrs Lovett down, sending the ball flying loose.

    Ankh-te-pot and Mumm-ra leapt onto the Marauders and send a few more to see the Goliaths' apothecary and the Ghouls retrieved the ball and ran it in, but not before ripping the head from Orlando (a Goliath lineman) and throwing the body, and head, into the dugout of the Dolphins where the head coach performed his dark magic and put the body in a Dolphins' jersey.

    As the teams lined up again the crowd was getting restless and started throwing things on to the pitch. A particularly large rock caught the side of Roberto, a Goliath lineman, and he had to be carted off the field.
    The Goliath Dark Elf, He Strange, scooped up the ball, but he was running out of players to stand between him and the rampaging Dolphins. Especially when He Crazy seemed more concerned with attacking Orlando.
    The Dolphins took the ball from the Goliaths but could not get it back to the endzone before the half time whistle blew.

    At the Dolphins kicked the second half off they caught the Goliaths flat footed and charged after the ball that was still sailing through the air. The Ghoul Pack reached the ball but could not stop the agile He Strange from picking it up and running away into the "safety" of his group of Marauders on the line of scrimmage.
    He Strange was not safe and was promptly knocked down. A Goliath lineman caught the bouncing ball and was also knocked down. He Small, the Goliath's mascot that was pressed into playing due to lack of players, caught the ball and panicked. But not for long as he was soon knocked down (and sent packing by a swift boot from an unknown player) and the ball was loose again.

    The Ghoul pack got their collective hands on the ball, but the Goliaths were not giving up without a fight and quickly stripped the ball away. But it was a short lived hope as Mrs Lovett picked up the ball and sent it flying towards the Hannibal who stepped into the endzone to score.

    A quick team talk gave the Dolphins some new ideas and they promptly surrounded the Goliaths completely. The Goliaths cage was soon pushed in and it was not before it collapsed and Wilde was able to steal the ball and score another touchdown.

    The crowd inspired both teams to new heights but it was still all about the Dolphins as they swarmed over the decimated Goliaths and took the ball again for an easy score by Wilde.

    The rest of the game, mere moments, were spent pushing each other around until the final whistle blew ending the Goliaths torment.

    Final score 4-0, 4-1.

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